• Scribner Opposes North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law

    Scribner Associates opposes the actions of the North Carolina legislature in its passage of House Bill 2 (HB2), the anti-LGBT bill. Scribner Associates does not support discrimination of any group including the LGBT community.

    We strive to foster an environment of tolerance and inclusion and regret the actions of our state government.

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  • Redox Flow Cell Testing

    The first and still the best test system for Redox Flow Cell testing.

    20 Amp Current Range Now Available!


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  • 580 Battery Cycler

    Introducing the Model 580 8 Channel Battery Cycler with HFR and 5 Wire Measurement

    **NEW** BView Data Analysis Software Now Available!  Contact us for details.

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  • ZView® Now Available Directly from Scribner

    ZView®, the world's most popular impedance analysis software, is now available for purchase directly from Scribner Associates.

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  • Dual-Area Fuel Cell Fixture

    Introducing the innovative and cost effective Dual Area Cell Fixture. 

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  • 885 Fuel Cell Potentiostat

    The 885 bolts directly to our 850e Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test Systems and 890e / 890C / 890ZV Fuel Cell Test Systems

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  • High-Precision Back Pressure Control

    Scribner Associates Inc. introduces the Auto Back Pressure Unit, for use with our 840 and 850e Multi-Range Fuel Cell Test Systems

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  • Liquid-Gas Fuel Cell Fixture

    Introducing the New Liquid-Gas Fuel Cell Fixture for DMFC and Formate Testing

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Scribner Associates Inc.

Is a leading developer of high-quality instrumentation and software for the electrochemical research and development (R&D) community. Scribner Associates’ hardware and software products are used by academic, private and government laboratories in the areas of fuel cell development and evaluation, battery and redox flow cell technology, corrosion science and engineering, electrochemical sensors and multi-electrode arrays.

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