Monitors individual cell voltages of an operating fuel cell stack. This compact module may be operated stand-alone, or with a host PC. The 896 is also useful for other series-connected voltage sources or energy consuming devices such as batteries. Includes StackMon software for Windows.



896NBG1 The 896 is an intelligent, digital, electronic monitor designed specifically for monitoring fuel cell stack performance and operating parameters.

Completely self-contained, the 896 may be built right into the stack, resulting in a lower per-cell cost.

Typical Applications

  • Cell voltage monitoring of fuel cell stacks.
  • Cell voltage monitoring of battery packs.
  • Cell voltage monitoring of electrolyzers or other electrochemical multicells.
  • Voltage monitoring of 32, 64, 96, or 128 cells.
  • Temperature monitoring of up to four locations.
  • Digital input monitoring for coolant flow loss or other alarm conditions.
  • Internal load disconnect solid state relay and control output for external relay.
  • Operating limits and number of cells programmed using host serial interface. Control and monitoring from host serial interface (not required for operation).
  • Automatic shutdown of relay and contact outputs for cell overvoltage, cell undervoltage, and cell over-temperature conditions.
  • Modular, low profile physical configuration.
  • Self-powered by stack, or external 12 to 24 VDC.
  • Visual indicators of power, alarm, low supply voltage and alarm reset button.
  • Non-volatile storage of temperature, voltage, and other parameters outside programmed limits.
  • Non-volatile controlled-access storage of serial number, date of manufacture, and service history.

The Series 896 may be used as a standalone component of the stack or may be host-controlled by a supervisory computer. Connector interface boards can be customized for the mechanical details of the stack used to allow the Series 896 to interface to a wide variety of stack designs.
A WindowsTM 32-bit host software package is included to optionally perform reporting, control, and data logging functions.

  • Number of Channels: 32, 64, 96, or 128 (depending on module combinations)
  • Cell Voltage Range: -5.000V to +5.000V
  • Maximum Stack Voltage: 130V
  • Cell Voltage Resolution: 3mV
  • Cell Voltage Accuracy: 5mV (at 800 mV nominal per cell on all cells)
  • Temperature Accuracy: 3 oC
  • Host Interface: RS-232 or RS-485 (cable selected), factory set parameters
  • Operating Temperature: 0-60 oC
  • Dimensions (inches): 91/2" W x 4" D x 11/2" H
  • Power Source: Self-powered with at least 30 cells connected or 12 or 24 VDC external

Download the 896 Datasheet

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