✓ Zero Volt Capability for Lower Measurement Range

✓ Probostat Test Fixture and Furnace with Redundant Over-Temp Control Available

✓ High Performance & Accuracy

✓ FuelCell® Software Included

✓ Experimental Methods Manual Included

✓ Optional Impedance Spectroscopy & HFR

✓ Intergrated, Turn-Key Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Test System



  • Suitable for SOFC Button Cells and Small Planar Cells
  • Multi Range Electronic load 5/25/50 Amps 100 Watts
  • FuelCell® software for user-friendly computer-controlled cell operation & experimentation
  • Anode & Cathode stainless steel ambient temperature humidifiers
  • Up to five mass flow channels available
  • Includes Furnace Control hardware with redundant over-temperature protection
  • Constant or stoichiometric-controlled reactant flow rate
  • Constant current, voltage or power control modes
  • Continuous resistance (iR) measurement
  • Automatic hardware shutdown & purge gas for safe, reliable operation
  • Multifunction front panel alpha-numeric display
  • High impedance whole cell & reference electrode voltage sense inputs
  • Cell main terminals & sense inputs tolerant of non-isolated cell
  • USB Interface
  • Furnace Control Unit (8" height x 12" width x 15" depth)





855-furnace-control-unitAvailable Options:

  • 880 FRA : Integrated Frequency Resistance Analyzer (FRA) for High Frequency Resistance (HFR) and impedance measurement from 1 mHz to 10 kHz
  • Automatic Water Fill
  • Manual and Auto MultiGas modules : Multiple reactant gas selector
  • Reformate Simulation
  • DI Water Tank :  Simple solution for pressurized delivery for existing DI/RO water source

Download the model 855 SOFC datasheet.




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