General Electrochemistry Products

Use our General Electrochemistry products to ensure accurate testing and seamless integration with Scribner Associates' software systems. Quality design and construction mean success in the lab.



H-Cell Kit

Scribner Membrane Cell H-Cell designed for membrane and separator characterization in a liquid environment.  Measure resistance, conductivity, permeability, cross-over, and selectivity.

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Multi-Channel Potentiostat Model 445

bekktech-logoOur multi-channel potentiostat model 445 supports up to 150 channels per unit, and includes hot-swap cell capability. An exceptional value, the model 445's tough design and construction includes a conformal coating,  making it ideal for research or production use. Scribner Associates offers the model 445 in both benchtop and rackmount form factors.


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Multichannel Microelectrode Analyzer

bekktech-logoThe 900 MMA provides a graphical interface for data acquisition and real-time display of multiple microelectrode currents and/or potentials as a function of spatial position.  The 910 MMA includes impedance measurement on each electrode in an array.

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Scribner Associates Inc.

Is a leading developer of high-quality instrumentation and software for the electrochemical research and development (R&D) community. Scribner Associates’ hardware and software products are used by academic, private and government laboratories in the areas of fuel cell development and evaluation, battery and redox flow cell technology, corrosion science and engineering, electrochemical sensors and multi-electrode arrays.

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