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Scribner Membrane Cell H-Cell designed for membrane and separator characterization in a liquid environment.  Measure resistance, conductivity, permeability, cross-over, and selectivity.


  • Designed for membrane & separator characterization in relevant liquid environments – resistance, conductivity, permeability, cross-over, and selectivity
  • Redox flow battery electrolytes, liquid fuel cells and batteries, electrochemical process chemistries
  • Small volume, easy-to-use, robust design
  • Non-reactive materials of construction
  • Pt or Au CE/WE electrodes
  • Selection of reference electrode types
  • Adjustable Luggin probes
  • Ports for purge gas & temperature sensor
Scribner Membrane Cell

Description of Membrane H-Cell Kit

The kit includes two each of the following: glass half-cell, PEEK cap, Luggin tube with Teflon mount, inlet with frit and outlet tube. In addition, the kit has one large pinch clamp (#34) to hold the two halves together, and #-123 Viton o-rings (standard circular cross-section and X-shaped cross-section). Only two o-rings needed to assemble the cell; extras are included.

The Standard H-Cell Kit includes:

  • Two (2) Pseudo-disposable Ag/AgCl gel RE: Low Profile Silver/Silver Chloride Gel (p/n RRPEAGCL).
  • Two (2) Pt wire coil CE/WE/Drive Electrodes (p/n RRPG257PT).
  • Other RE and Drive Electrode types subject to availability.


a.       ½ cell volume ~ 30 mL

b.      ID at cell face = 2.5 cm, Area at cell face ~ 4.91 cm2

c.       Assembled dimensions:

                    Length = 24-35 cm depending on position of Luggin probes
                    Height = 7 cm (excluding cap, electrodes and pinch clamp)
                    Width = 4.5 cm (excluding pinch clamp)

d.      Provision for gas purge/vent and temperature probe.

e.      Movable Luggin probe.

Counter Electrode / Working Electrode (CE/WE) ) (a.k.a. Drive Electrode) Options (2 per cell required)

a.       Pt disk electrode (Pt disc OD = 0.16 cm, A ~ 0.02 cm2)

b.      Pt wire coil electrode (3.74 cm L x 0.05 cm OD, A ~ 0.69 cm2) - Standard

c.       Pt/Nb mesh cylinder electrode (A ~ 7.6 cm2)

a.Pt Disk Electrode b. Electrode RRPG257PT c.Pt Nb mesh cylinder electrode

Reference Electrode (2 per cell required)

a.       Standard: Pseudo-disposable Ag/AgCl gel RE: Low Profile Silver/Silver Chloride Gel (p/n RRPEAGCL)

b.      Other chemistries available on request


Please contact Scribner Associates or your local representative for price and availability.


New Citation: PERMEA MELPRO 2016 Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, May 16-19, 2016

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