857 controller and glass bottles comdined

Integrated Turn-Key Test System for Redox Flow Cell Research & SOC CellDevelopment


✓ New!!  20A Current Range
✓ New!!  5V Operation for non-aqueous electrolytes
✓ Charge / Discharge Cycling & Performance Characterization
✓ Custom FlowCell™ Software for Complete Process Control & Experimentation
✓ Multi-Range Potentiostat for High Accuracy
✓ Whole and Half-Cell Voltage, EIS and HFR Measurement
✓ Real-Time State-of-Charge Monitoring



  • Integrated system including: cell charge and discharge, electrolyte flow control, temperature control, and data acquisition
  • FlowCell™ software for user-friendly system operation & experimentation
  • High-current, multi-range potentiostat operates in current- or voltage-controlled operation
  • Impedance Analyzer for EIS and HFR measurements during charge, discharge and at OCV
  • High-impedance V-sense inputs for whole and half-cell measurements including EIS & HFR
  • State-of-charge (SOC) voltage inputs for DC SOC measurement when used with SOC cell
  • All non-metallic electrolyte handling system: 2 pumps, electrolyte reservoirs, drain and purge valves
  • Cell and electrolyte temperature control up to 50oC
  • High performance peristaltic pumps with variable flow control including forward and reverse flow
  • Electrolyte shielding with inert gas purge and blanket
  • Single USB communications interface




Options & Accessories:

Vanadium Redox Battery Data using the 857 Flow Cell Test System 857-vandium-redox-non-symmetric-data



Current Ranges (3):   20 A (optional), 7 A, 700 mA, 70 mA full scale (FS)
Current Resolution:    1.4mA (20 A FS) to 4.88 µA (70 mA FS)
Current Accuracy:      ± 1% of full scale current of selected range

Voltage Measurement and Data Acquisition:
Set and Read Voltage vs. WE:  ± 5.000 V
Cell Voltage Sense Leads:   Differential with driven shields
Voltage Measurement Resolution:  152 µV
Sense Lead Input Resistance:  1 GΩ
Data Acquisition Rate:   10 points/second

Impedance Analyzer:
Internal Impedance Analyzer Type: Single sine, one generator and two gain/phase measurement channels
Internal Analyzer Frequency Range:  1 mHz to 10 kHz

Electrolyte Fluid Handling System: Computer-controlled peristaltic pumps (2); <1 to 1,000 mL/min
All non-metallic flow path and reservoirs
Independent drain & purge valves for positive & negative electrolytes
Nitrogen purge and blanket; Electrolyte level monitoring

Temperature Controllers:

Three: cell, anode electrolyte, cathode electrolyte
Set & Report Accuracy:   ±0.25% of span, ±1 least significant digit
Sensor Type:    Thermocouple, Type T

Operating Temperature:   5 to 35 °C
Power Source:     110-120 V, 50-60 Hz, 10 A (Export model 220-240V, 50-60 Hz, 5 A)
Size and Weight:    Electronic Control Unit: 48 W x 13 H x 53 D cm3 (19 x 5.25 x 21 in3); 9 kg (20 lb)
Fluid Control Unit: 50 W x 65 H x 65 D cm3 (20 x 25 x 25 in3); 16 kg (35 lb)

Safety Features:
Automatic shutdown on under- and over-voltage or current, over-temperature, or communications failure
Emergency stop switch for manual operator shutdown

Download the 857 data sheet

Download the latest FlowCell™ software

Download a list of papers explicitly referencing the 857 system  **contact Scribner if you would like a copy of any of these papers**

Download the 857 Flow Rate Calibration Instructions

Download Scribner Redox Flow Cell Data

*Specifications for 25oC ambient temperature unless otherwise noted.

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