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CorrWare® is the most powerful software for electrochemical data acquisition. CorrWare can collect, display, and analyze all types of electrochemical data, and supports a range of potentiostats from Solartron Anlytical and EG&G Princeton Applied Research (PAR). Up to 8 independent potentiostats may be controlled at one time with multi-instrument CorrWare versions for multiple potentiostats. 

Performs traditional Electrochemical measurements including Open Circuit, Potentiostatic and Dynamic Scans and Square Waves. Uses either USB port or GPIB card for communication. Includes manuals, tutorials, and updates are a free download.

CorrWare® includes a USB license dongle that is required for using the software.  **When updating or replacing PCs in the lab, be sure to save the license dongles!**

  • Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
  • Collect data on multiple instruments in background while analyzing in foreground
  • Analyze data on multiple computers - analyze data in your office while performing measurements in the lab
  • Perform experiments using any one of sixteen basic formats including open circuit, constant potential or current, potential and current sweeps and square waves, and cyclic voltammetry, noise, linear polarization resistance and battery cycling
  • Interleave electrochemical and impedance experiments (when used with ZPlot for Windows)
  • Uses Multiplexers to perform experiments on multiple cells without user intervention
  • Plot data using a wide variety of axis formats
  • Analyze data with curve fitting and linear regression, in addition to polarization resistance and Tafel slope calculation
  • Optimize experimental parameters for maximum measurement capability
  • Perform sequences of experiments as easily as a single experiment
  • On-line Windows help and phone/email technical support

Potentiostat / Galvanostats supported include:

  • Solartron 1287
  • Solartron 1286
  • Solartron 1285 / 1285A
  • Solartron 1284
  • Solartron 1470 / 1480
  • Solartron 1280 / 1280B / 1280C
  • PAR 283 / 283A
  • PAR 273 / 273A
  • PAR 263 / 263A
  • PAR VersaStat II
  • PAR VersaStat (253)
  • PAR 276 / 173
  • AMEL 5000

Download CorrWare® & CView.



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