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ZPlotLab256   Now Available for Purchase Directly from Scribner Associates, Inc. Starting at $3,000

ZPlot-Lab™ software is specifically designed for simultaneous use of multiple potentiostat / galvanostats in support of the Solartron ModuLab system. ZView® and CorrView® are also included for data analysis and presentation.

Multichannel Software for the Solartron ModuLab with Data Explorer

ModuLab Hardware Supported:

  • Chassis - 4 and 8 slot configurations
  • Potentiostat - 106 samples/second capture rate
  • Potentiostat with auxiliary channels
  • FRA (1 MHz frequency range)
  • FRA (300 kHz frequency range)
  • High Voltage Option - 100 Volts
  • High Voltage Option - 30 Volts
  • Femtoamp Sensitive Current Option
  • Internal Current Booster Option – 2 A
  • 12V/20 A External Power Booster
  • 24V/10 A External Power Booster
  • 50V/5 A External Power Booster
  • 50V/25 A External Power Booster

Single Document Interface (SDI) allows each experiment project to have its own independent window [similar to how MS Word handles multiple documents].



“Open Recent Projects List” function allows quick access to previous projects.

Flexible Experiment Editor for rapid design of complex measurement sequences which also includes “Cut & Paste” editing and multiple levels of repeat loops.

Fast and flexible channel configuration selections:

  • Which channels to measure
  • Auxillary channel assignment
  • Sample area/weight
  • Sample density/equivalent weight
  • Sample name (individualized ID for each sample measured)
  • Reference electrode type
  • Polarity conventions

Automatic or customizable data file naming allows flexible, yet consistent, data file names.

The new file manager, Data Explorer, with ZIP-like file compression of ASCII text data files, greatly reduces the number and size of data files, while retaining full user access to the raw data. All data sets are compressed into a single data file which can be opened by a host of applications.

  • Quickly view the Open Circuit Potential of each channel without starting a full experiment schedule.
  • Instantly switch between multiple graph tabs.
  • Each tab can be configured to display data in a user customized format. For example, a first tab as live data of E and I vs. Time, a second tab as I vs. E, and a third tab to display E vs. log(I), etc.

Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8

Single CD, USB dongle. Includes printed manual and CorrWare test module.

Downloads for ZPlot·LAB.

Visit the webpage for Modulab by Solartron Analytical

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